Kelssy Kawata

河田 ケルシ

特任研究員 Project Researcher Ph.D.

Kelssy Kawata is a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Center for Evolutionary Cognitive Science in The University of Tokyo, Japan. Kelssy’s current research aim is to develop a novel instrument to measure metacognition and to understand the neural principles underlying this novel instrument which highlights the value of using perspective taking from the social cognition literature in understanding metacognition. She believes that this study makes a significant contribution to the literature because it develops a novel approach to assessing metacognition that provides a method of measuring metacognition in children, which integrates the first-person and third-person perspectives of the parents and the child, respectively, and as a consequence, surpasses some of the present limitations in the assessment of metacognition in children and adolescents (e.g., limits in capacity for self-reference).

Prior to joining The University of Tokyo, Kelssy was a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Tohoku University in Japan. She obtained her PhD in Functional Imaging from the Tohoku University in Japan in 2016. Before that, she switched her research field to rehabilitation and obtained the BS in Audiology & Speech Pathology from the State of São Paulo University in Brazil and concluded the MSc in Behavioral Neurology and Cognitive Neuroscience from the Tohoku University in Japan.